My First Months Working on Viper

My First few months working on Viper have offered me great insight into the world of HPC, from system administration to coding.

When I was first introduced to Viper I was wowed by its size and the noise from the cooling fans, it is essential to wear ear defenders if you’re in the room for any length of time! When working on a PC in the command line, it’s easy to feel detached from the fact that code/jobs are running on Viper! Continue reading “My First Months Working on Viper”

HPC Internships

Working in High Performance Computing is one of the most interesting and rewarding roles in IT. Not only does it give you the opportunity to play with some of the latest (and biggest) technology there is, but you also get chance to work closely with researchers at the forefront of their field. HPC is a very specialist area to work in, yet requiring a wide range of skills. However it is a role where you do feel you can make a real contribution to the way researchers work. Continue reading “HPC Internships”

Welcome to Viper

Viper is the University of Hull’s first central High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster. The culmination of a journey that started in 2012, Viper came online to users as a pilot service in June 2016. Within the university sector it is one of the leading High Performance Computing centres and the highest rated in the north of the UK.

Built on state of the art technology, Viper is already proving to be a key facility to many researchers, enabling new and novel approaches that wouldn’t have been possible before. Researchers across the university used more than 1.25 million core hours across nearly 100,000 jobs in the first month of operation. Continue reading “Welcome to Viper”

Viper Launch