Viper is the University of Hull’s first institutional High Performance Computer (HPC). Within the university sector, Viper is one of the highest rated in the north of England. Our mission is to be recognised as a leader and a centre of excellence in the provision of quality HPC services and support.

The University of Hull is committed to research excellence and Viper is key for meeting the ever-growing demands of the University research community. Viper is based on technically advanced and innovative systems that enable excellence in HPC dependent research.  Researchers at the University can now solve large, complex and challenging problems in a fraction of the time that it would take a conventional computer to complete.

Viper is available to all research staff and postgraduates at the University of Hull for free, and provides an environment that will stimulate innovation and support world class research.

As well as managing the HPC facility, ICT offer the following services to help the research community make the most of the resources available:

  • Training, including on topics such as Linux, High Performance Computing and software development
  • Support and advice on areas such as migrating tasks from the desktop to HPC and HPC workflows
  • Software engineering resource to work with researchers and research groups to develop and optimise code to run on the HPC
  • Advice and assistance on the inclusion of HPC in research proposals