Projects, Placements and Fun

Ceph Project

Work has continued on my Intern project, with the virtual cluster completed, I tested various different backup solutions to use with Ceph e.g. BackupPC and BorgBackup. I have also looked into benchmarking the Ceph cluster once installed using tools such as rados bench and fio. The Hard drives for the compute nodes have arrived for the cluster so the next stage will be installing the new hard drives into Viper’s compute nodes ready for the installation of Ceph. Continue reading “Projects, Placements and Fun”

My First Months Working on Viper

My First few months working on Viper have offered me great insight into the world of HPC, from system administration to coding.

When I was first introduced to Viper I was wowed by its size and the noise from the cooling fans, it is essential to wear ear defenders if you’re in the room for any length of time! When working on a PC in the command line, it’s easy to feel detached from the fact that code/jobs are running on Viper! Continue reading “My First Months Working on Viper”