Research Postcard Endothelial 2022

The Endothelial Cell Biology in Health and Chronic Disease Research Group
Led by Dr Leonid Nikitenko

25 cell population identified in the ageing human lung of Pulmonary fibrosis patients. Each individual data point is a cell, which are grouped by HPC Viper into clusters of similar cells based on individual cell gene expression. Endothelial cells are highlighted in the Red circle. BEC- Blood endothelial cell, LEC- lymphatic endothelial cell, UMAP- Uniform manifold approximation projection.

Ridge plots of module scoring for inflammation genes in ageing human lung blood endothelial cell sub clusters. The ridge plots coloured by cluster show the change in distribution of module scoring results in healthy ageing lung (left) and pulmonary fibrosis affected lung (right).

Image created by Mr Eamon C Faulkner (University of Hull), Mr Adam Moverley (University College London), Dr Simon Hart (Hull York Medical School) and Dr Leonid Nikitenko (University of Hull).