Postgraduate Completions

Viper is used by students across the University of Hull as part of their research, supporting many to complete their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The following is a list of just some of the students who have completed their studies.

If you used Viper in your research studies and would like to be added to the list, please contact

Research Student Completions (27)

2022 (4 outputs)

James Keegans, Nucleosynthesis in Type Ia Supernovae, Physics, PhD, 2022

Matthew Hunt, The Effects of Galaxy Cluster Mergers on the Evolution and Interaction of the Intracluster Medium and Collisionless Cluster Components, Physics, PhD, 2022

Daniel Hardy, Hair Cycle Modulation To Promote Human Wound Healing, Health Sciences, PhD, 2022

Onatkut Dagtekin, Deep Learning for the Early Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms and Improving Water Quality Monitoring, Computer Science, PhD, 2022

2021 (6 outputs)

Sammi Iveson, Cold Atmospheric Plasma for the Promotion of Wound Healing, Health Sciences (Hull York Medical School), PhD, 2021

Lee Smith, Monte Carlo Simulations of 2DEGs in GaN HEMTs via GPGPU, Physics, PhD, 2021

Annika Schoene, Deep Learning with Knowledge Graphs for Fine-Grained Emotion Classification in Text, Computer Science, PhD, 2021

Mikkel Lindholmer, Two Novel Methods of Measuring Cosmic Distances in the Universe, Physics, PhD, 2021

Tom Fish, Effects of the Stolen Atmosphere and Flow Patterns on a Minor Galaxy Cluster Merger, Physics, MSc, 2021

Joyjit Chatterjee, The Blessings of Explainable AI in Operations & Maintenance of Wind Turbines, Computer Science, PhD, 2021

2020 (8 outputs)

Michael Winter, Comparative genomics of Meloidogyne haplanaria, Biological Sciences, MRes, 2020

Francesco Viscomi, Light matter interaction in hybrid plasmonic/photonic nanogaps, Physics, PhD, 2020

Esther Quaintmere, Simulation and design optimisation of vertical axis hydrokinetic Gorlov turbines, Engineering, PhD, 2020

Cristina Di Muri, Environmental DNA (eDNA) monitoring of priority conservation fish species in UK lentic ecosystems, Biological sciences, PhD, 2020

Ben Marshall, The Exchange of Globular Clusters between the Elliptical Galaxies NGC 1399 and NGC 1404 in the Fornax Cluster, Physics, MSc, 2020

Billy Koe, In-situ Synchrotron X-ray Study of Phase Separation in Metal Solidification Under Alternating Magnetic Fields, Engineering, PhD, 2020

Marco Benucci, Untangling molecular food webs of non-native invertebrates and their communities, Biological Sciences, PhD, 2020

Tahani Bagazi, The impact of the Nitaqat programme on the Saudi labour market, Business, PhD, 2020

2019 (5 outputs)

Charlotte Wilkinson, The Evolution of Galaxies: Starbursts and Beyond, Physics, PhD, 2019

Alexander Sheardown, The First Holistic View of Minor Mergers of Galaxy Clusters, Physics, PhD, 2019

Lee Odiam, An investigation into alternative methods for the simulation and analysis of growth models, Computer Science, PhD, 2019

Siya Jin, Hydrodynamic and control optimization for a heaving point absorber wave energy converter, Engineering, PhD, 2019

Matthew Bennett, Utilisation of CO2 for the preparation of inorganic solids, Chemistry, PhD, 2019

2018 (2 outputs)

Quan Qi, High-performance geometric vascular modelling, Computer Science, PhD, 2018

Wenjia Du, In-situ synchrotron X-ray imaging and tomography studies of the evolution of solidification microstructures under pulse electromagnetic fields, Engineering, PhD, 2018

2017 (2 outputs)

Jianguo Wang, Numerical simulation of noise attenuating perforated combustor liners and the combustion instability issue in gas turbine engines, Engineering, PhD, 2017

Chrstina Roggatz, Ocean acidification affects marine chemical communication by changing structure and function of peptide signalling molecules, Chemistry, PhD, 2017


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