Events Schedule

This page contains details of events that may be of interest to the HPC user community. This includes training and information sessions delivered or organised by the HPC support team, as well as relevant sessions from other university sources or third parties.

If you have an event that is available for HPC users to attend that you would like to be added to this list, please contact

HPC User Surgery

Date: Every Wednesday, 2-3pm
Location: ICT Consultation Room
Further information: The HPC User Surgery is an open drop in session for anyone with questions about Viper. Members of the support team will be available to provide advice and assistance on issues, HPC workflows or software development tasks.

Matlab and Viper

Date, time and location: 1 hour session to be confirmed
Target audience: Matlab users interested in finding out how Viper can enhance their research (no previous knowledge of Viper required)
Further information:
 This session will show ways in which Matlab can make use of Viper to enhance your research – from interactively using the full Matlab graphical user interface, to submitting multiple Matlab tasks to run concurrently, to launching parallel Matlab workers to Viper directly from your desktop Matlab session.

Essential Linux for HPC

Date, time and location: 1 hour session to be confirmed
Target audience: Those who want to use Viper but have no previous Linux experience
Further information: This short session will introduce you to Linux and the essential commands that will help you start using Viper.

Previous Events

An Introduction to Viper (Staff Development Ref: LDICT001/2)

Date/Time: Wednesday 2 May 2018 (TBC),2.00 pm – 3.00 pm
Target audience: Non HPC users
Further information: This event is aimed at academics/early career academics who have a computational element to their research and will introduce Viper, the University’s first institutional High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster. The session will provide an overview of Viper, the technologies that makes it special and the services and support the HPC team provide. We will show how Viper can potentially benefit any researcher with a computational element to their research, whether it is running large parallel models, developing code, or event using common desktop applications such as Matlab or Stata.. Please register with Staff Development at the following link:

HPC User Forum

Date/Time: Wednesday 21 February 2018, 12:30 pm – 2.30 pm
Location: Wilberforce LR13
Further information: All HPC users and anyone involved in HPC-2 requirements gathering sessions are invited to attend this HPC User Forum. Updates on the HPC-2 requirements gathering work will be presented, along with other HPC specific items on the agenda.