Matlab on Viper

Matlab is a widely used tool in research, thanks in part to the ability to quickly develop code to test solutions without (necessarily) needing to be a expert coder, and a wealth of toolboxes and functions from image and signal processing, to bioinformatics, econometrics and robotics. However, Matlab can be quite resource hungry and if you find your PC struggling or yourself waiting for Matlab to finish processing before doing other things on your computer, or even if you just want to get your Matlab tasks running more quickly and efficiently, then you might want to think about using Matlab on Viper. Why? Continue reading “Matlab on Viper”

Projects, Placements and Fun

Ceph Project

Work has continued on my Intern project, with the virtual cluster completed, I tested various different backup solutions to use with Ceph e.g. BackupPC and BorgBackup. I have also looked into benchmarking the Ceph cluster once installed using tools such as rados bench and fio. The Hard drives for the compute nodes have arrived for the cluster so the next stage will be installing the new hard drives into Viper’s compute nodes ready for the installation of Ceph. Continue reading “Projects, Placements and Fun”

A Year of Service

I’m sitting in a hotel lobby in Amsterdam catching up on work emails and putting the finishing touches to our latest newsletter which will be out shortly. The newsletter celebrates a year of research on Viper, having gone live on the 28th June 2016. It has been a fantastic journey over the last year, meeting new users, hearing of the impact Viper can have on someones research and seeing research outputs published.

Continue reading “A Year of Service”

Write maintainable research code with these 3 weird tricks!

Writing code is not easy.

If you are a researcher and have to write code, especially if you are not from a computer science background, then I salute you.

I have spent the last 4 years (6 years if you include my time at the Open University) studying for an MEng in Software Engineering. I can tell you with certainty that it is not an easy task. I’d like to tell you about something that is even harder than writing code: Reading and maintaining poorly written code! Continue reading “Write maintainable research code with these 3 weird tricks!”

My First Months Working on Viper

My First few months working on Viper have offered me great insight into the world of HPC, from system administration to coding.

When I was first introduced to Viper I was wowed by its size and the noise from the cooling fans, it is essential to wear ear defenders if you’re in the room for any length of time! When working on a PC in the command line, it’s easy to feel detached from the fact that code/jobs are running on Viper! Continue reading “My First Months Working on Viper”